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September 12 2019 – Recuadros mx


Summer is about to end! and although it is hard to believe that time passes so quickly, we are about to start autumn.

This station is characterized by giving very good opportunities to take wonderful photographs of nature or landscapes. We want to give you a series of tips so that you can take better photos over the next few weeks when you go for a walk with your family or friends in a park or in a forest.

And it is that Autumn is a beautiful season to go out and take good photos.

To give you the best tips, we talked with Celina Borbón, a photographer from Aguascalientes who is characterized by that warm color in all her photographs!

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, the colors are beautiful and you can get amazing images.

1. Try to take photos at sunrise or sunset, the orange colors characteristic of this time will be noticed much better and will give your photos that magical touch that you want.
2. Use a suitable color palette, the recommended colors are red, yellow, orange, brown and dry green, but if you want to have a greater contrast, use blue or purple, they will stand out more on orange backgrounds and it will look great
3. Get at the level of the people you are portraying, try to be at the level of their eyes, lower or withdraw a little if necessary.
4. Take different angles of each photo, so when you see them you can choose the one that best represents what you wanted to capture.
5. Use the elements around you, take advantage of the dry leaves, the rain, the textures in the trees, etc. everything will give a special and different touch to each photo.

getting to know celina

Your favorite camera:

Nikon (now D750)

Years behind the camera:

6 years

Why / How did you start in photography?:

It started as a hobby for me, almost like a therapy, I love photography and I have been taking photos since I was 15 years old. I started as a professional after becoming a mother since it gave me the option of sharing more time with my daughters. at the same time that he documented every moment of their lives.

Describe your photo style in 3 words:

Emotional, Warm and Magical

What was the best advice you were given when you were starting out in photography:

If you want to improve practice, practice and practice, there is no other way.

Why is photography so important to you?

Photography has been part of my life for many years now, for me it is a form of expression and of capturing a little piece of me in an image that will last over time, of my particular way of seeing things, since each image that we achieve carries a little bit of my lived experiences, my favorite books and stories, my childhood, my tastes, etc. For me it is a beautiful way to transcend.

What do you like most to take photos?

Of course I love seeing my daughters at each stage of their lives, seeing them grow in images is wonderful, but in general I love taking pictures of children, capturing their childhood, their dreams, that beautiful sense of wonder that only they possess is something truly special.

Mention your 3 favorite people you follow on instagram:

Three very inspiring people for me are:
@Olga Rotova photography
Among many others that I also love =)

If you don't follow her on instagram, what are you waiting for ? She has incredible photos of children, babies, family and pregnancy! It really inspires to see your photos!

We leave you his page: