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Tips for Taking Black and White Photos

September 25 2019 – Recuadros mx

Tips para Tomar fotos a Blanco y Negro
Tips para Tomar fotos a Blanco y Negro

Black and white photography has a special charm. However, getting a good photograph in black and white is much more difficult than in color. Many times we are disappointed with the results. Keep in mind that everything starts before taking the picture.

We spoke with Julieta Ruíz, a Sinaloa-based photographer who takes incredible photos of children and families and who takes spectacular portraits for black-and-white prints. These are some of his tips!

Black and White photography has a magic that we do not find in color photography. This photograph has something that makes me admire for hours.

1. NEVER TAKE THE PHOTO IN B&W MODE A photograph that is in color can always be converted to black and white, while one that is in black and white cannot be converted to color.

2. WORK WITH THE RIGHT LIGHT Light is something you can play with when taking black and white photographs. You decide where the weight of the image falls, and you can give it more contrast or even play with the shadows by only altering the direction of the light.

3. THE COMPOSITION A good composition is fundamental in b/n. The shapes, tones and textures are always very important, do not forget to play with the shadows and the lights to direct the gaze of the person observing the photograph towards a specific place in the composition.

Your favorite camera:


Years behind the camera:

All my life but professionally 6 years.

Why / How did you start in photography?:

Life. After having been a Hobbyist for many years and going to study, when I returned to Mazatlan and took photos wherever I went one day they called me to hire me and I 😱 but a photographer cousin encouraged me to do it professionally and 6 years later here I am doing what else I enjoy and love.

Describe your photo style in 3 words:

Love, happiness and moments.

What was the best advice you were given when you were starting out in photography:

Convey what you feel and try to capture moments that speak for themselves.

Why is photography so important to you?

I am very observant and I always see moments that I would like to remember for a lifetime.

What do you like most to take photos?

To life, family, children, love 🥰.

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If you don't follow her on instagram, what are you waiting for? She has amazing photos of children, family and portraits! We love them!!

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